Get ready for Cyber Monday 2023 with e.tres: your digital success is in good hands

We provide a comprehensive solution for companies that want to take advantage of Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday 2023 is coming up in Argentina, and for companies looking to make the most of this online sales event -which will take place on November 6, 7 and 8- we are here to provide a comprehensive solution.

‍Ifyou want to guarantee the proper functioning of your website, support the necessary daily traffic capacity and make sure everything runs smoothly around the clock, you're in the right place!

‍Ate.tres we understand the importance of being prepared for the hustle and bustle of Cyber Monday. That's why we've developed a suite of services designed to help you successfully navigate this exciting sales period. Let us show you how we can make this experience stress-free and highly profitable for your digital business(contact us here to receive our proposal).

  • ‍Special Testingof Current Hosting. The first step in our Cyber Monday preparation plan is to conduct a detailed analysis of your current hosting. We want to be sure your website is ready to handle the influx of visitors expected during the event. If necessary, we will help you increase capacity to ensure optimal performance.
  • ‍24-Hour Specialized Resources. During the Cyber Monday days, our team of specialized technicians will be available 24 hours a day. They will be monitoring your website in real time and ready to intervene immediately in case of any problem or challenge that may arise. Don't worry about possible bottlenecks or delays, any problems will be detected and addressed immediately, ensuring that your customers experience a smooth service.
  • ‍Special Landing Pages Development. For this Cyber Monday, we offer you the development and hosting of special landing pages designed for the occasion. These pages can contain irresistible promotions or highlight specific product categories aligned with the interests of your customers.
  • ‍Autoscaling Technology. We recommend the implementation of autoscaling hosting to manage traffic growth during Cyber Monday. This type of hosting adapts dynamically to traffic needs, optimizing costs and providing a smooth experience. At e.tres, we implemented IBM Autoscaling in VPC, which allows us to grow intelligently on a monolithic platform in .NET Framework. In addition, we have created a shared storage system to deploy virtual machines automatically.
  • ‍HSM Campaign(WhatsApp for Sales). At e.tres, we are also responsible for activating the WhatsApp API channel and conducting a campaign to send approximately 5,000 HSMs. After sending, we will provide a detailed report with campaign statistics, including sent and opened messages, and analyze sales to determine conversion.

Inshort, we are here to ensure that Cyber Monday 2023 is an absolute success for your online business. With our expertise and comprehensive services, you can trust that your website will be ready to face any challenge. So relax and get ready to reap the rewards of this exciting sales season - we're here to help you succeed in the world of e-commerce!

‍Contactus here to receive a specific proposal for your sales.

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