We manage e-shops, applying commercial and marketing strategies to boost sales. We execute the entire sales circuit integrating operations, stock, invoicing, processing, ensuring end customer satisfaction.

Operation and Management

Operation of own e-commerce portals, MercadoLibre, Amazon and other marketplaces. Monitoring of publications and stock control. Control of multiple pages and sites from a single administration system. Administrator user management. Systematized uploading of content in different formats.


Analysis of the catalog of products for sale, categorization, filters, images. Loading and maintenance of products in the different customer sites. Customer accounts with multiple options. Tracking of orders from the customer's account for component tracking.


Price list control per item or per user group. Advanced pricing rules and support for multiple and special prices, containing different price lists such as sizes and colors, sizes, among others.

Coordination and follow-up between areas

Monitoring of orders, relationship with the client and its areas involved, planning of campaigns, implementation of changes and updates.

Customer Service

Our experienced team is highly qualified and trained for the relationship and loyalty of users. It is monitored 24/7 and evaluated by a quality management system.
Thanks to these resources, we optimize 360° channels to provide agile solutions, prioritizing the conversation with the user and customer information.