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Our platform with artificial intelligence allows omnichannel connectivity and integration to business management systems, combining human attention, bots and automations. All chats, regardless of each channel, are handled centrally.

Delivers proactive information and automates workflows
Flows of attention
Drag & drop interface for creating care flows
A single development for all customer service channels
Enriched information
Sending of images, video, links, satisfaction surveys and NPS
Increase your customer service capacity without increasing your HR capacity.
Artificial intelligence
Natural conversations with artificial intelligence integration

Flows and automations

Within e3Bot, flows are a versatile and powerful tool that allow you to design seamless and personalized interactions with your customers. A flow is a predefined sequence of messages and actions that guide users through a specific experience.

Stock quantity inquiries
Product delivery inquiry
Billing inquiries

Omnichannel agent interface

Our interface revolutionizes chatbot management by offering you a comprehensive and centralized solution for all your customer interactions. With this powerful tool, you can monitor and control your chatbots across multiple communication channels efficiently and effectively.

  • Transfer of executive from one store to another
  • Status selection
  • Closing with typification of reason for conversation
  • Automatic visibility of chat history
  • Frequently asked questions; predefined messages
  • Automatic after-hours responses
  • Customer service oriented HSM outbound campaigns

Reporting and Analytics

Centralized traceability

Supervisor interface with real-time dashboard. Dashboard and historical reporting.

Real-time status and evolution

Semantic analysis reports, failed interactions in natural language, survey results. Survey publication including stars and emojis, to increase customer satisfaction.