We turn your online business into a sustainable one in minutes.

e3Eco works with all ecommerce platforms and requires no effort on your part. Want to know more?

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To date, we have offset more than 104 tons of greenhouse gases.

To compare it to more everyday things, 104 tCO2e of carbon emissions is equivalent to neutralizing:

48.96 ha of forest preserved in one year

the energy consumption of 13.6 households for one year

consumption of 11,702 liters of gasoline

Be part of this change!

We measure and compensate immediately the emissions generated by your online store.

Through our methodology verified by IRAM and measured by Carbon Neutral+, we make all the operations, technology and logistic shipments of your ecommerce portal sustainable.

What is e3Eco?

e3Eco is the digital infrastructure that gives companies the ability to realize their climate action instantly.
We know that carbon measurement can be a slow, complex and costly process. However, e3Eco has been designed to simplify this management by effectively combining the best of technology and human monitoring in its 4 pillars:

How do we manage the carbon footprint of your ecommerce?

In this way, we take care of the planet by taking responsibility for the impact we generate, keeping our emissions in balance with reduction and compensation actions.
e.tres is already doing all this for you by using our e3Eco platform.

Collaborates with environmental impact projects

The Carbon Footprint of e3Eco stores is offset by purchasing Green Bonds from Latin American projects that help reduce or mitigate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. You can collaborate in all or some of these projects:

Biogas Energy / Argentina

Installation and operation of a new biogas energy plant from the decomposition of organic waste.

More info →

Forest Protection - Ejido El Nopalillo, ASRTulancingo / Mexico

Implement sustainable practices in existing forests to improve carbon sequestration.

More info →

Wind farm / Argentina

Installation of a wind power plant connected to the electric grid that is part of the SADI (Argentine Interconnection System).

More info →

Wind farm / Chile

With 23 wind turbines, it generates renewable energy for the Chilean Central Interconnected Power System (SIC).

More info →

REDD+ Matavén Rainforest / Colombia

It protects the rich biodiversity and generates sources of income for local communities.

More info →

By joining e3Eco you are enabling your shoppers to take care of our planet!

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Case Study

Together with e3Eco, Multipoint neutralized the carbon emissions generated by its online sales and product shipments.

Multipoint experienced rapid growth in its e-commerce operations, which led to an increase in carbon emissions associated with the logistics of delivering its products.

With the implementation of e3Eco Multipoint was able to reduce its Carbon Footprint and gain a reputation as a sustainable and responsible brand. Find out all the details in this article.

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Read Case Study
How does the API work?

Measures emissions in real time

Through the e3Eco API we can calculate and know how many Greenhouse Gases (GHG) are emitted in each sale.

We use data from each shipment:
- Kilometers traveled (starting point and arrival point)
- Volumetric weight of the product
- Type of vehicle used (motorcycle, light utility vehicle, urban truck, etc).

In-store communication

Carbon Neutral Experience throughout the Customer Journey

Share your sustainable story and enhance the shopping experience with strategically placed banners in your online store:

Header and Footer
Product Page
Checkout Process
Email of purchase made
Landing informative

Communicate your commitment to the environment

With our landing page, you will be able to highlight your green initiatives in an impactful way, transmitting your commitment to the environment in a clear and attractive way.

Carbon Neutral Info
How it works
What sustainable project are you collaborating with?

Keep track of your store's emissions

Monthly and annual reports in your email and from the control panel

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e.tres certificates

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