Multipoint chose e3Eco to reduce its Carbon Footprint

The implementation of e3Eco proved to be a resounding success, allowing them to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

The exponential growth of e-commerce in recent years has brought countless advantages to both companies and consumers. In this context, Multipoint, the leading online retailer, also understood the importance of addressing the challenge of environmental impact, and decided to implement e3Eco, the innovative e.tres solution with which it can measure and offset the greenhouse gas emissions of its online store.

The Challenge

Multipoint experienced rapid growth in its e-commerce operations over the past few years, which led to an increase in carbon emissions associated with the logistics of delivering its products. Despite implementing responsible practices in the management of its warehouses and delivery routes, the carbon footprint remained significant. Aware of its social and environmental responsibility, the company set out to find an innovative solution that would balance its business growth with a real reduction in its environmental impact. e3Eco presented itself as the perfect solution for Multipoint. This platform allowed them to measure, reduce and neutralize the carbon footprint generated by their business activity.

Implementation and Strategy

The implementation of e3Eco was a collaborative process that involved all of Multipoint's key departments. Here are the key steps that led to the success of the project:

● Carbon Footprint Assessment: Multipoint conducted an assessment of its carbon footprint at all stages of the online sales process, from warehousing to final delivery.

● Choice of Offset Projects: e3Eco offered Multipoint a variety of carbon offset projects to choose from. These projects were focused on areas such as reforestation, renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.

● Communication and Transparency: Multipoint made sure to clearly communicate its commitment to carbon footprint reduction to its customers and employees. They provided information on how e3Eco calculates and offsets the emissions generated by each transaction.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of e3Eco generated remarkable results and several benefits for Multipoint:

● Carbon Footprint Reduction: Thanks to the carbon offset provided by e3Eco, Multipoint was able to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, making a positive contribution to the environment.

● Sustainable Brand Image: The company gained a solid reputation as a sustainable and responsible brand, attracting more environmentally concerned customers.

● Meeting Environmental Targets: The implementation of e3Eco enabled Multipoint to meet its internal targets for emissions reduction and environmental sustainability.


The implementation of e3Eco proved to be a resounding success for Multipoint, enabling them to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and establish themselves as a sustainable and environmentally committed company. Their success story inspires other companies in the e-commerce sector to adopt similar measures to contribute to a greener and more responsible future.

Learn more about e3Eco here.

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