e3Eco was IBM's success story at the launch of IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator

Together with IBM, we are helping companies track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

According to a recent IBM study, 41% of Latin American CEOs surveyed identify environmental sustainability as their top challenge for the next three years. At the same time, CEOs are facing pressure to embrace generative AI as they weigh data management needs for AI to succeed.

In this context, e3Eco, our solution to make your ecommerce sustainable, was the only product chosen by IBM as a success story in the international launch of IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator, an AI-based dashboard, now available to the general public, that helps clients access greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data across a variety of IBM Cloud workloads, such as AI, high-performance computing and financial services.

In this way, together with IBM, we are helping companies track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in cloud services and improve their sustainability performance across their hybrid and multi-cloud processes.

IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator is designed to quickly detect patterns and anomalies in data potentially associated with increased GHG emissions. Based on technology from IBM Research and through a collaboration with Intel, the tool uses machine learning to help organizations discover emissions hotspots and inform their emissions mitigation strategy.

What is a Carbon Neutral ecommerce?

An ecommerce is Carbon Neutral when the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions caused by the activities of the online store's electricity consumption and the logistics of shipping its products are measured. Actions are then implemented to reduce emissions as much as possible, and the remaining emissions are offset by purchasing carbon credits, which contribute to projects that prevent, reduce or eliminate GHG emissions.

Through our methodology verified by IRAM and measured by Carbon Neutral+, e3Eco makes all operations, technology and logistics shipments of its clients' ecommerce ecosystem sustainable.

"The way people shop is changing and we are committed to helping our customers deliver frictionless online shopping experiences backed by high levels of sustainability. As we help our clients power their digital businesses with our innovative e-commerce platform, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do thanks to our e3Eco solution. With the AI-enabled IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator, we can drive the sustainability of our clients' operations, technology and logistics shipments, so any ecommerce portal can become sustainable by measuring and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions," explained Diego Gorischnik, CEO of e.tres.

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