With e3OMS Samsung Argentina has built its successful omnichannel ecommerce ecosystem.

A tour through the project that positioned Samsung Argentina at the international forefront of omnichannel

With the start of online sales in 2017, more than 60 branches involved, 7 manufacturers and sellers and multiple service providers as part of the commercialization scheme, Samsung Argentina built its omnichannel ecommerce ecosystem. The implementation of e3OMS, e.tres' Order Management System solution, achieved synergy between the physical and online worlds, a reliable operation and automation of the entire administrative and operational circuit that allowed Samsung to quickly scale the business into more sales channels, more customer services, sales volume and offers.

The project began with the launch of, an EPP with the brand's official ecommerce functionality. Then we diversified online sales through the store in Mercado Libre and enabled the purchase from the official site We also added the portals and

The next step was to integrate all customer contact channels: telephone, e-mail, social networks, physical stores, delivery point, social networks. Thanks to this, it was possible to implement virtual assistance through chatbots connected to the database, with the ability to consult online the catalog, prices, stock, invoices, orders, and order status, among others.

In this way, the integration of the channels with the shipments and withdrawals from the branches, the third party sales channels, such as bank stores, retail stores and marketplaces, and the sales and stock manager, third party backend, with the rest of the channels and different business units was achieved, incorporating in turn the cataloging performed by e.tres.

Samsung's ecommerce strategy was expanded with the implementation of e3Kiosk, the perfect solution that combines hardware and software to achieve full omnichannel at the point of sale. Samsung customers began to choose their own physical store experience with access to all stock in real time. No matter where the chosen product is available, the customer can make the purchase from a physical store autonomously and request home delivery or pick it up at any available branch.

Thanks to the implementation of e3OMS Samsung's omnichannel ecommerce ecosystem achieved:

● Integrate 4 portals with physical points of sale.

● Increase sales by a factor of 15 in three years

● Incorporate 100% of the products in the online store.

● Reach 31% of operations delivered in the country in less than 24 hours.

"The main objective achieved with the implementation of e3OMS has been to publish products with different commercial conditions and make them available through multiple sellers," said Santiago García Milán, E-Store Operations Manager at Samsung Argentina.

For Samsung, the implementation of e3OMS resulted in a true success story that has revolutionized its e-commerce ecosystem. Thanks to this solution, the company was able to optimize its order management processes, significantly improving the customer experience and strengthening its competitiveness in the market. At the same time, it achieved greater visibility and control over the entire order lifecycle, reducing errors and increasing operational efficiency.

With this initiative, Samsung Argentina has positioned itself as a benchmark in the adoption of cutting-edge technology, consolidating its commitment to offer its customers an unparalleled shopping experience.

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