e.tres and TITANPush, a strategic alliance to boost sales for its customers

e.tres and TITANPush announced a partnership to provide their customers with the right tools to achieve their sales goals.

In a context where customer acquisition costs are increasing year after year, one of the most important metrics of an ecommerce is the conversion rate. In this context, e.tres and TITANPush announced a strategic alliance to provide its customers with the right tools to achieve their online sales goals.

TITANPush is a global platform that provides technology solutions to companies that need to improve engagement and conversion on their websites. This synergy with e.tres, a company that offers products and solutions to orchestrate the success of the ecommerce ecosystem, not only represents a collaboration between two leaders in the online commerce industry, but also reflects a shared commitment to deliver exceptional solutions and results to customers.

The TITANPush tools, which thanks to this partnership can now be implemented in e.tres products, can be summarized as follows:

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a solution for sending messages to mobiles and PCs without the need for an app, segmenting the audience and activating automatic sending.

Push Manuals: today 80% of traffic comes from mobile devices. This tool allows you to surprise the customer with messages outside the web and at any time, segmenting audiences.

Push Retargeting: allows customers to automatically remember the products you have browsed, generating impulse buys.


The History allows you to show customers a personalized list of previously visited products:

Pop-up: helps customers finalize their purchases when returning to the site by showing them the last two products visited.

Bubble: makes available the browsing history with the list of products viewed by the user.

Most Popular

Many people choose to buy what other people buy. This history solution displays a list of trending products:

Bubble: shows the list of trending products on your site, generating buying impulses on the general interests of users.

Other TITANPush solutions include Recommenders (selection of products to recommend through machine learning), Banners (targeted to promote a specific action), and Exit Pop-ups, a last chance to retain undecided customers.

Most popular