e.tres presented e3Kiosk to the Samsung channel

e.tres demonstrated e3Kiosk with the full power of its ecommerce platform, for a selection of Samsung channels.

In order to showcase the full functionality of e3Kiosk, e.tres demonstrated the Samsung Kiosk with the full power of its ecommerce platform to a selection of Samsung channels, experts in POS integration and technology.

"It is a great opportunity for retailers to adopt this new channel, because it is already integrated into their own internal systems and the implementation is turnkey," explained e.tres CEO Diego Gorischnik.

Diego Gorischnik, CEO & Cofounder of e.tres; Leonardo Squeo, CTO & Cofounder of e.tres; Leandro Calo, pre Sales Manager at Samsung Electronics

Infinite Corridor

This is a unique solution that all brands and retailers are looking for. Currently e.tres has implemented e3Kiosk in the Samsung Stores in Buenos Aires with more and more kiosks, so that customers are incorporating this sales process as a new and self-managed channel.

Through its functions, this solution makes it possible to reach the so-called Infinite Aisle: all physical and online information, consistent and unified, with all stock in real time from warehouses, physical stores, virtual stocks, third-party products or products out of stock.

Learn more about e3Kiosk here.

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